Sweet Nothing, 2016

I put my faith into someone unknown. A bond was formed and I made myself vulnerable to another person. We traversed the levels of attachment; growing with expectations and excitement. The basic questions start to be realized in the aftermath. What happens when this connection ends? What is leftover? What about the dreams we shared? What is a home with that person no longer in it? How do I identify myself now? This artwork explores the emotions associated with the fractured pieces of a committed relationship. 


Chalkboard Series, 2013-2014

Navigating relationships can be fascinating and fear inducing.  I have found myself searching for words, often too scared to voice my feelings. At the beginning of a relationship, every word or expression has a consciousness- an attached elation or fear of how you will be received by this potential partner. Are some words spoken too soon? Have I missed my opportunity? These pieces explore the idea of finding those key declarative words that can be extremely painful, joyous or just plain hard to say. While exploring my own vulnerability I feel I become more comfortable expressing myself in those relationships.